SNOL Vision & Values


SNOL/NSM Members at one of many 2013/2014 visioning retreats to develop our collective vision, beliefs and values.

Springfield No One Leaves/Nadie Se Mude members have developed this statement of vision and values to guide the future work of SNOL. This document was developed primarily by leaders and members of the Bank Tenant Association, with support from SNOL organizers to reflect our current thinking on the work we do, the world we want to build and the values we believe must guide our collective work together in the future. We believe this document is a living document, one that we hope will be revisiting, revised and rewritten as our collective analysis evolves.


We envision a community that depends less on corporate & government controlled institutions and more on relationships established with our neighbors, friends and allies.

Our vision is to create a healthy and prosperous community where people live united. We envision a community where the people have a voice and the opportunity and support to live up to their fullest potential.

In our vision all people will have what we need and deserve in order to survive, including:

  • The right to and access to a safe, quality and affordable home.
  • The right to and access to a free quality education
  • Access to a well-compensated job
  • Access to holistic, universal and personal healthcare in order to be healthy people.
  • The right to live in peace without fear of violence or repression
  • The right to be treated equally with respect and dignity  
  • The right to live balanced, happy and healthy lives with time for rest and relaxation.


Dignity, respect, fairness and human rights

  • We believe housing is a human right & that people have the right to a home.
  • We believe that we have a right to defend our homes.
  • We believe our world has enough means to provide everyone with our basic needs, including housing, healthcare, food, education & the right to remain, travel and return to our homes.

People matter more than profit

  • We believe our economy shouldn’t be driven by greed or profit, but rather it should be driven by the needs of the people.
  • We believe we must end corporate greed, corruption and exploitation; people have the right and need to make a living, but don’t have the right to exploit others.
  • We believe it is the task of the people to create a new alternative economy that puts peoples needs before profit.

Community autonomy, control, and struggle for change

  • We believe in promoting self-empowerment & self-determination; the people must have control over decisions and resources in their communities.
  • We believe that collective action can heal the pain and suffering of all.
  • We believe that solidarity keeps us united.


  • We need to have love and respect for each other.


  • We leave our shame at the door and open up to growth and unity
  • We prioritize supporting and developing people who are most impacted by social, economic and housing injustice to be the leaders of our movement.
  • We treat everybody equally creating unity
  • We make our voices heard by promoting integrity and equality
  • We constantly seek to grow our base and our power in our work and embrace all who come in fellowship with us
  • We don’t allow injustice to keep us down. We put relationships, love and care at the heart of our organization
    • We take care of each other, we check-in with one another and we take time to replenish each other’s energy
    • We work together as a team and are humble and open to always learn from each other and make sure to share our knowledge with others. .
  • We are successful because we all have different input; no one knows everything but everyone contributes something, which makes us whole
  • We make decisions collectively and with consensus. We work to create the type of democracy we believe in on a local level.
  • We don’t give up on our vision as we face new challenges

Do you share our vision for change? Think are values are powerful?