2/7/11 Temporary Victory for the Diaz Family– But we’ll be back to protest the auction this Thursday at 1:30 p.m. at 129 Champlain Ave.!

Today, Monday February 7th, a group of 25 residents and allies came out in solidarity with Ms. Diaz and her 3 children to protest the foreclosure auction that was scheduled to take place at 10AM by Wells Fargo National Bank, as trustee (Click Here to see the video). Ms. Diaz spoke with passion, determination and incredible leadership to the crowd to make clear that she is fighting for her home and for residents throughout Springfield that are the victims of predatory loans, foreclosures and evictions at the hands of the banks!

The auctioneer arrived, and after sitting in the car for a while, she walked to the lawn and announced that the auction would be postponed until Thursday February 10TH at 2PM!
The crowd, energized and committed, celebrated the postponement and began chanting “We’ll be back!” and “We Shall Not Be Moved”

So on Thursday we ask you to join us to keep the pressure on the bank:

2ND Foreclosure Auction Protest In Solidarity w/ the Diaz Family
129 Champlain Street in Indian Orchard, Springfield (off of Berkshire Ave)

We are protesting this auction to demand:

•   Wells Fargo STOP this foreclosure auction and negotiate a fair, non-predatory loan modification that reduces the principal to the current market value!

•   That Wells Fargo SHOW US THE CHAIN OF TITLE, clearly showing they have the right to foreclose on this home!

IF THE HOME IS AUCTIONED, that the buyer commits to keeping the Diaz family by either:

•   Selling the home back to Ms. Diaz at real market value

•   Keeping the Diaz family in the home as responsible rent-paying tenants!

For more information on the Diaz family and the Springfield No One Leaves Campaign/Bank Tenant Association visit our NEW website: www.springfieldnooneleaves.org

TO RSVP: E-mail nooneleavesspringfield@gmail.com or call Organizer Malcolm at 718-666-6872

In Solidarity

Springfield No One Leaves Coalition

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