Upcoming Actions in the Bank Tenant Movement!

This summer has been a busy summer for Springfield No One Leaves and the SBTA. This fall promises to be an even busier season! We are continuing to track and support many families throughout Springfield in their fight against the banks. In the coming months we will be taking action to defend against eviction, demand that banks like Bank of America bargain collectively with Springfield families, continue to put pressure on foreclosing institutions and join together with others throughout the state and country who are standing up to fight back and win.

Can you join us in the next few weeks for the following events? Contact No One Leaves at nooneleavesspringfield@gmail.com or 413-342-1804 for more information or to RSVP.

Wednesday September 28th @ 6PM
Vigil w/ Guzman Family (and other FNMA families)
 To Demand that FNMA accept rent and let them stay! 
78 Healey Street, Springfield, Mass 
The Guzman family lost their home after Mr. Guzman lost his job at Cooley Dickinson Hospital.He has since found new income as a store manager with Pride and maintains strong annual income. The Guzman family has offered to pay rent to FNMA who owns the home after foreclosure, yet FNMA has not responded and then served a 72 Hour Notice to Quit on their 9 year old daughter!  

FNMA & Freddie Mac have put out a national call asking for proposals on what to do with the mass amount of foreclosed homes that they control. We have an answer: STOP EVICTING NO-FAULT & ACCEPT RENT FROM FAMILIES THAT CAN AFFORD RENT! Before foreclosure, Fannie & Freddie should reduce principal to current market value and avoid the foreclosure altogether!
We are holding a vigil to demand that FNMA accept rent from the Guzman family, as well as 4 other SBTA families who are fighting back against FNMA and let FNMA know that our communities will organize to block any eviction of these families!

SAT/SUN September 24th & 25th 9:00 am to 3:00 pm 
8 Breckwood Cir. Springfield, Mass

The Springfield Bank Tenants Association is hosting a 2-day tag sale to raise funds for the growing bank tenant movement. Please join us to raise money, increase awareness and have fun!
If you are able to donate items please contact Deb LaFleur at 413-209-9845.
If you are interested in volunteering please contact Candejah Pink at 347-385-8049 or Jean Jones at 413-363-2738

SEPTEMBER 30TH 2011 @ 2:00PM 
Take Back Our City March & Rally!
Boston Common Band Stand
We can’t afford to sit on the sidelines while they make things worse. Stand up and march on the big banks and businesses that are bankrupting our communities. Its time to take back our city – and push an agenda that puts us, the people, first!

SNOL will be turning out from Springfield to join THOUSANDS from across the country to TAKE BACK OUR CITIES! Please contact Candejah Pink (347-385-8049) or Malcolm Chu (718-666-6872) for more information or visit http://righttothecity.org/register-now-right-to-the-city-congress-and-direct-action-in-boston.html

About SNOL

Springfield No One Leaves is a member-led community organization dedicated to organizing families most affected by the economic & foreclosure crisis. We organize against displacement and eviction and to defend our homes and our communities. Springfield Nadie Se Mude es una organización comunitaria dirigida por nuestros miembros y dedicada a organizar residentes más afectados por la crisis económica y de ejecuciones hipotecarias. Organizamos contra desplazamiento y desalojo y para defender nuestros hogares y nuestras comunidades.
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