Candlelight Vigil with the Dunwell Family

(To download a printable pdf version of the flyer for this event, click here.)


David, Yanick and their 3 daughters are at risk of being evicted by Fannie Mae, after their home was foreclosed on by Bank of America.  On the night before Easter and the 5th night of Passover, the Springfield Bank Tenant Association and No One Leaves/Nadie Se Mude Campaign will call for justice and compassion for this loving family. Please join us for this candlelight vigil to support the Dunwells in their fight to stay in their home and for the events that follow in the weeks ahead.  The Dunwells fell behind in their mortgage payments after David lost his  human service job of 17 years due to severe state and federal budget cuts to Bridgewell, the private agency that he worked for.  He had no union and no protection, and the agency heartlessly let him go. Bridgewell workers are now organizing with SEIU Local 509 so they’ll have protection from such treatment.  In spite of his setback, David has recently been able to return to full-time work, and his wife Yanick also works full-time as a health care worker.  They have a dual income and a reliable, rent-paying tenant downstairs.  Their family is very active and adds a lot to our community.  With their current income, they could afford to purchase their home back from Fannie Mae at real market value, or to pay reasonable rent!

Fannie Mae received massive taxpayer bailouts—more than any other bank.  Fannie Mae is threatening to add another boarded-up home to our neighborhoods, and leave another loving, hard-working Springfield family homeless. There is no reason at all for Fannie Mae to evict this family.  Why evict a family who is willing to pay rent? This case is so simple!  Don’t evict no-fault! Accept rent or sell back to the Dunwell family at real market value. The Dunwells are even willing to share any future equity appreciation with the bank. This is a better deal for Fannie Mae!

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