Over 175 Rally to Take Back Springfield! (Oct 17)

On October 17th, 0ver 175 people came out to rally to Take Back Springfield. Bank of America & the Mass Bankers Association are attempting to sue the city for the landmark anti-foreclosure ordinances passed in August. Palmer Renewable Energy is attempting to build an air-polluting bio-mass plant even though the city council revoked their permit in June!

The people of Springfield came out to make it clear that Springfield is OUR CITY! We need policies and plans that put PEOPLE FIRST! We need to END ALL NO-FAULT EVICTIONS AFTER FORECLOSURE BY:

  • Accepting Rent or Selling Back at the Current Market Value to the former owner or tenant
  • Avoid the foreclosure by modifying mortgages with principal reduction to the CURRENT MARKET VALUE!
Check out pictures here and stay tuned for upcoming actions to Take Back Springfield and fight back against the big banks! 

About SNOL

Springfield No One Leaves is a member-led community organization dedicated to organizing families most affected by the economic & foreclosure crisis. We organize against displacement and eviction and to defend our homes and our communities. Springfield Nadie Se Mude es una organización comunitaria dirigida por nuestros miembros y dedicada a organizar residentes más afectados por la crisis económica y de ejecuciones hipotecarias. Organizamos contra desplazamiento y desalojo y para defender nuestros hogares y nuestras comunidades.
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