After many calls to PHH Mortgage, a public call for action and a press release, Ms. Ramos received notice today that the foreclosure auction would be postponed until further notice and the bank will work with her on a modification! Proving once again that the power of the community standing behind and fighting back with residents is heard loud and clear by the banks.

Shortly after the first protest, Ms. Ramos had been asked by the bank, “who were all those people outside your house protesting?” Ms. Ramos replied, they were my community! AND WE WERE THERE TO STAND UP FOR RESIDENTS IN SPRINGFIELD BEING DISPLACED AND THROWN OUT BY THE BANKS!

The No One Leaves Coalition and Springfield Bank Tenant Association is committed to fighting back to end the foreclosure, eviction and displacement of our neighbors and the rise of bank owned vacant properties that are destroying our neighborhoods. We are dedicated to fighting to keep all bank tenants (tenants and former homeowners) in their homes despite foreclosure. We will not let Ms. Ramos be left alone to deal with the banks and throughout Springfield we are moving to organize residents living in foreclosed or potentially foreclosed homes to fight back for our homes & communities.

Thank you for your ongoing support,

If you are interested in getting involved in the campaign or volunteering to help build the bank tenant movement, please contact: nooneleavesspringfield@gmail.com

Springfield No One Leaves Coalition

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