Updates – Tucker vs. Deutsche & Mendez vs. Aurora

Tucker/Mendez Family Vigil – Day #2 – Photo Credit: Joe Oliverio

Yesterday we got some incredible news – one day after back-to-back community vigils brought out over 200 people, 4 elected officials and heavy media attention to the Tucker & Mendez families’ fight against eviction, and spurred many people to make calls demanding that Aurora Bank and Deutsche Bank do what’s right, Deutsche Bank contacted the Tucker family and are signaling that they are going to negotiate and make a counter offer to BCC!

The power of our movement – of families standing up and fighting back, and all of you waging to support and stand and fight with Bank Tenant Members is forcing banks back down and negotiate! As of now it appears the Tucker family may not have an eviction until Deutsche Bank makes a counter offer and negotiates.

The Mendez Family Eviction Watch Continues: 

Thus far, there has been no 48-Hour notice served on the Mendez family – meaning the earliest possible eviction could be Monday at this point. We will continue to be prepared to block the eviction of the Mendez family if necessary. Many elected officials – including Ward 7 City Councilor Tim Allen have been on the phones trying to contact Aurora Bank and demand that they accept rent instead of evicting. Many of you have also been calling – keep those calls up!

Can you call Aurora Bank’s attorney and ask them to accept the Mendez family’s rent and market the property occupied?

Anthony Colletti at Harmon Law Offices at 781-398-4800

“Hello my name is         . I’m calling you today in support of the Mendez family from 27 Talmadge Drive in Springfield. I’m calling to ask that Aurora Bank accept rent from the Mendez family instead of evicting and market the property occupied. This would prevent another vacant home and help protect Springfield’s communities.”

Please stay tuned for updates on both of these struggles and others who are fighting back against the banks! 

News Coverage of the Videos:


Photos: Here’s a great link to photos from our friend Joe Oliverio – big thanks!

Videos: Here’s a link to one video – more to come… Tucker Family Vigil – This Little Light of Mine

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